About Us


The Gratest started with our passion for cooking, and the joy food brings to others. Right before our wedding, we decided what better way to celebrate our love for each other and food than to work together to make something others will love to use in the kitchen?

Thus, we set out to make the best grater dish for people who love to cook. Grater plates have been around for hundreds of years, however, after using one and liking the concept, we realized there was major room for improvement. We would run out of bread dips rapidly, especially when we had guests. The other grater plates just weren’t comfortable to hold so we ended up fumbling with them while trying to grate.

The Gratest breaks food down finer to deliver better flavor infusion. The Gratest is our solution to the optimal grating dish for passionate cooks who want to elevate the flavor in their meals while saving time and energy!

Happy cooking,
Victoria & Senya Iaryguine