Introducing the best grater plate the world has ever seen!

Meet The Gratest

Step 1

Simply peel your garlic clove by rolling it in the silicon garlic peeler. 

Step 2

Hold the clove by the root end, and rub it on the finger-safe surface of The Gratest.

Step 3

Use your gathering brush to collect and sweep your ingredients into your meal!

The ceramic grater for foodies!

The Gratest makes prep work easier than ever before and increases flavor in your garlic, ginger, hard cheese, jalapenos, and so much more!  (Silicone garlic peeler and gathering brush included.)

My son loves Raspberries and decided he wanted them spread on his bread!! Hands down BEST kitchen tool!!


I love my Grater! I’ll never go back to chopping garlic again!


Bought for gifts but I had to have one for myself too! I use this grater just about everyday!